1. Skill drills

The more touches you get in each week (especially on your own), the faster you’ll improve. You can do these slowly over time at practice, or you can take it upon yourself to get better faster. It’s up to you!

Dribbling and ball control

Ball control for kids!


  • Solo drills for goalkeepers (Conor O’Keefe)
    Simple drills you can do at home with very little equipment (during the pandemic) to improve your goalkeeping.



Speed, agility and quickness + stamina (SAQ)

Increasing your foot speed, agility and stamina will improve your game in all areas on the field.

2. Attacking tips & how-tos

1 v 1 dribbling

Taking on an opponent in one on one situations is a crucial skill to develop. Below are some tips and drills to improve your game in this area.

Shooting and finishing

Passing and receiving

3. Defending tips & how-tos

1 v 1 defending

4. Goalkeeping tips & how-tos


  • Proper catching technique and positioning (Will John)
    Basic body posture and catching technique (the W), plus low collapse dive, mid collapse dive, front smother, and high ball techniques.
  • Basic goalkeeper positioning (GKeeping)
    Overview of the proper keeper stance and ready position. Note that what is often called a “W” in catching technique is more like his “arrow shape” in practical application. Hands should be over the ball in this W-like arrow shape.
  • Modern scoop technique (GKeeping)
    Breakdown of the proper modern scoop technique for handling low shots (i.e. no knee barrier behind)

Equipment tips

5. Performance tips

Mental — playing at your best

We cannot forget that an important aspect of soccer is our ability to perform at our best, mentally—to stay focused and confident.

6. Soccer concepts


Player positions and roles

Ever notice how some players play certain positions differently than other players? What makes them unique? And, what type of player are you?

Below are some great explanations from Tifo Football on common player roles as well as a few unusual ones too.

Tactical concepts

Want to see more?

What skills or tips would you like to see? What videos am I missing?

Let me know in the comments below.



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